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We aren’t going to lecture you with statements on how important bookkeeping is for your small business. You know that already! Instead, we will show you how we use our bookkeeping framework to make your bookkeeping as fun as bookkeeping can be and teach you how to apply your records to make the decisions in your business that will keep more money in your pocket. We are proud to take a proactive approach to bookkeeping, and within that framework, we help eCommerce and online businesses using all platforms, marketplaces, and payment processors. Our focus is to turn numbers into knowledge and knowledge into planning.

The Upscale Framework

A profitable business

starts with great bookkeeping and data-backed decisions. That is the basis upon which the Upscale Framework was built.


The first focus of our work together is ensuring that your bookkeeping is compliant and accurate. Compliance protects your business and provides the necessary tools to assess your business accurately. All decisions in your business start with bookkeeping, and compliance allows you to make the right ones.


We openly communicate with our clients and commit to being present when needed because it is crucial! We know your books better than anyone. Open communication allows you to get the answers you need when you need them and will enable us to remind you of compliance when necessary. 


We communicate your profit goals early and often. Using accurate bookkeeping and a good understanding of your goals, we provide a framework of the numbers that need to be hit to satisfy your goals. Our quarterly goal is to refocus on how well you’ve successfully aligned with those goals. 


We help serve small businesses with books in any condition. Whether your books have yet to be started, are behind, or are a mess our service packages were created to get your books in top shape and to keep them in compliance. Let’s work together to create a healthy set of books for your business, customized to give you the data you need.

Need more information? Use the link below to get the full details of our service packages.


Hello and thank you for being here! My name is Danielle Madden, I am the owner and head bookkeeper at Upscale Bookkeeping. I am a whiz at eCommerce bookkeeping and a firm believer that if you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know _ (fill in the blank). I have built my business with the objective of consistently providing my clients the opportunity to make informed choices. We aim to go beyond providing clean and accurate books that are hand-off ready for your CPA for tax season, we make a conscious effort to help you understand every aspect of your business that affects your numbers. So why eCommerce? We grew into it. My earliest clients were in the eCommerce space and I’ve spent years mastering and falling in love with the eCommerce industry. In 2022 I made the decision to redirect Upscale Bookkeeping to solely serve eCommerce + online businesses of all sizes.

“Danielle has completely saved the financial behind-the-scenes of my business. My business’s books are now extremely organized and easy to navigate.”

-D. Taylor, Business Owner

Your First Month of Bookkeeping, On Us.

Interested in trying our services? Apply to work with us today and we will give you your first month *free.

*The first month free is only applicable for clients signed on for recurring monthly bookkeeping with Upscale Bookkeeping. If a cleanup or catchup is needed, the first free month is applicable for the first recurring month.