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What are your prices?

Our price structure varies depending on the volume of activity in your business and the additional services that you need. We do, however, have starting packages. Please see our services page for more details on packages and starting prices.

What does monthly bookkeeping look like?

The meeting structure and delivery packages vary on the service package that you choose, however, the flow of work throughout the month looks like this:

  1. We update your bookkeeping in your software weekly. By the end of the month, 98% of your books will be complete.
  2. On the 1st of the month, we will send out a questionnaire form with any outstanding questions we have from the month.
  3. Once we receive your response, we complete your bookkeeping, reconcile your accounts for accuracy, perform a quality check through your ledger, and pull the statement package. We will update your profit planning sheet and send out your review video.

We may reach out to you throughout the month if there are any important compliance tasks needed for your file.

Will you file my taxes?

We are no longer offering annual tax filing services, however, we do offer assisted sales tax filing. Depending on the size of your file, we may help you get set up with a third-party filing company such as Avalara. We will oversee your sales tax account to ensure the data is collected properly.

What can I expect from my discovery call?

We offer one free discovery call per company. You will have the opportunity to book your discovery call after completing your client interest form. If our discovery call determines that we would be a great fit, we will offer you a free diagnostic review of your bookkeeping file. That diagnostic review will allow us to determine if your file needs any additional cleanup before kicking off recurring bookkeeping. You will receive your customized quote 24-48 hours after we receive your file for review.