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Historical Amendment Service

Our historical amendment service is the process of correcting your bookkeeping by rebuilding or reconfiguring from a designated starting point. In most cases, this starting point is the first day after your last filed tax return. A historical amendment is right for you if:


  • Your financial statements are incorrect
  • Your accounts will not reconcile
  • You haven’t touched your books in months (or years!)
  • Your CPA told you to complete your bookkeeping to file taxes
  • … the list goes on

On the off chance your bookkeeping records have gone too awry, we may recommend a new set of books to build from. This is rare but may be necessary if your prior records are too messy to build from. 

“Danielle has completely saved the financial behind-the-scenes of my business. My business’s books are now extremely organized and easy to navigate.”

– Dominiqe T. Business Owner

How Historical Amendments Work

Diagnostic Review

After our first conversation, we provide a complimentary diagnostic review of your current bookkeeping records. We record a video walking you through exactly what needs to be fixed and exactly how we plan to do it. You’ll have a good understanding of the current state of your books.

Data Collection

After we engage, we will send out a client intake form. This intake form will allow us to collect relevant information regarding your business and collect the important access and data needed to complete the cleanup. Once we receive the client intake form, we begin your cleanup.

Amendment Completion

Upon completion of your historical amendment, we will provide your updated financial statements, packaged with a video reviewing your business performance for the cleanup period. If we are continuing into recurring bookkeeping, we begin the steps for profit planning.